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Debt Collection Assistance

We help creditors by providing the collection support and tools needed to succeed.
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Debt Buying Services

We have the knowledge and experience to assist your collection agency with your debt acquisitions.
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Debt Relief Solutions

If you want a pathway to financial stability ADS is here for you.
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are here for you

America’s Debt Solutions has the knowledge and experience to assist investors with debt acquisitions. ADS privately identifies the best portfolio opportunities in a variety of asset classes including:

  • credit cards
  • payday & consumer loans
  • auto
  • medical & more

ADS has consulted some of the largest financial institutions and helped facilitate more than $5b in distressed debt acquisitions.


We will help you

find the right plan

ADS, and our collection partners offer the most respected Debt collection services in the industry and can greatly improve cash flow, which is the lifeblood of all businesses.

In your business, you may have granted credit to some customers that have fallen behind on their payments and reached a point where a decision must be made. If so, responsible management of your receivables can be the difference between staying solvent and profitable or suffering more losses.


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